Announcing the Launch of RJMetrics Client Analytics Services

Some things are just meant to happen.

As our customer base has grown, we’ve often been asked if we can lend a hand with the human side of analytics—incorporating RJMetrics into workflows and making pragmatic tactical recommendations based on data. Unfortunately, as a software company with a focus on building a scalable product, our answer was usually “no.”

Instead, we started referring our clients to an analytics & optimization services firm founded by Anita Garimella Andrews. We quickly learned two things: Anita was amazing at what she did and her clients became successful, engaged superusers of RJMetrics.

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Top Ten SEM Optimization Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Earlier this week, we hosted a webinar with Francis Shovlin and Ally Malick from SEER Interactive on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) optimization for ecommerce. There’s no denying it, those cats know their stuff. We wanted to pass along a few things we learned from them and share some insights. By doing a few simple things, you can gain insights to performance that you wouldn’t have available just by running Adwords.

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Churn Rate and Cohort Analysis

Averages, as any introductory statistics teacher will tell you, are dangerous. It’s easy to average the churn rates of 100 customers and come up with a single number. For example, it is easy to determine that in the past month 5 customers out of 100 cancelled, for a churn of 5%. But what if it turns out that 3 of those customers had just started a month ago, and the other two were still in the first 6 months of their subscriptions?

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Top tips to decrease your churn rate

Churn has a huge impact on your business. Did you know that your business could have 50% more revenue if you cut its churn in half? It’s true–check out the spreadsheet if you don’t believe me.

After 5 years, a company with 2.5% churn is 50% larger than the company with 5% churn on a revenue basis. And as the company ages, the effect becomes even more significant.

Don’t wait until after a customer has churned to do damage control. Here are our favorite tips to proactively prevent churn.

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Three UX Tips to Increase your Average Order Value

This is a continuation of our series to help you increase your Average Order Value. If you haven’t already, please click through the three previous posts in the series.

There are already many good user experience tips for your product pages. Usually product pages are designed to rush customers directly through the checkout process and maximize conversion rate. Here, we’re going to tell you to do the opposite. To increase average order value, you want to keep pulling customers further into your site, instead of rushing them through. In this post we’ll show you three UX tips to increase your average order value.

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Using Social Proof to Increase your Average Order Value

This is a continuation of our series to help you increase your Average Order Value. If you haven’t already, please click through the two previous posts to learn other tips on increasing your Average Order Value.

In part 3, we’ll focus on using social proof to encouraging customers to buy more by instilling confidence in their purchase decisions. Social proof can be reviews from other users, celebrity and expert endorsements, or recommendations from a friend.

Organizations normally use social proof to encourage an initial conversion. In fact, if you look at our homepage, you’ll see some of our successful customers. Our goal is to instill a sense of confidence about RJMetrics with site visitors who have never heard of us before, ultimately encouraging them to convert into a lead (Showing these success stories has been very effective for us!).

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Increase your Average Order Value, Part 2: Volume Discounts

This is a continuation of our series to help you increase your Average Order Value. If you haven’t seen it, please read part 1 where we talk about how free shipping can be used to increase AOV.

In part 2, we’ll focus on grouping products together to increase average order value. All three options below rely heavily on customer experience and require some creativity and testing.

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Increase Your Average Order Value, Part 1: Free Shipping

There are two ways to grow revenue from your online store: either increase the number of purchases made or increase the dollar value of each purchase. Most marketers focus on increasing purchase volume, but increasing Average Order Value is every bit as important. In this series of posts we’re going to delve into some tactics you can use to increase your AOV.

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RJMetrics Branding

We’re looking a little different these days. Here’s the story behind the change.

We always knew that we were more than just charts and graphs. We are the future of decision making. And it was time to start to look like it.

Much like Max Cohen from the 1998 throwback “Pi”, we needed to re-state our assumptions. And so, we asserted:


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